Companies We Are Working With Now

MindNest is a digital health company that was spun out of the Yale Child Study Center, one of the most respected clinical centers in the country for the treatment of children with autism and other pediatric developmental disorders. MindNest developed an app that takes the tools used by the Yale clinicians and makes them available to families who do not have the resources to attend a similar center of excellence in person. Early on, NNF saw the promise of MindNest and realized that this practical tool could be brought to market more quickly than the team there envisioned. NNF partnered with Connecticut Innovations and a private philanthropic fund to raise a $300,000 investment in the spring of 2020 and helped them to recruit an experienced healthcare executive to be their first professional CEO. 

This is a medical device start-up company that is developing a product to monitor epilepsy treatment through more accurate detection of seizure activity and neurocognitive side effects. It is estimated that approximately 50% of seizures go undetected due to a lack of effective detection tools, particularly for home use. Eysz is developing software that uses passive, eye-movement data from compatible eye-tracking systems to reliably detect seizures and other neurological “vital signs.” They have completed a successful proof-of-concept study and are currently in multi-center study to refine its software. NNF is partnering with the Eysz team to raise the funding to validate the Eysz system. 

Stemina is an early-stage biotechnology company developing diagnostic tests to detect autism earlier than currently available tools and test.  NNF joined with a private foundation and others to fund clinical trials; study results were presented at the American Academy of Neurology. This success has allowed Stemina to attract additional funding and to advance their testing platform.

A Message from the CEO of MindNest Health.

A Message from Dr. Rachel Kuperman and Eysz.