“Tooth hurts”. These words send a shiver down my spine. I don’t like going to the dentist – being Scottish and brought up on a diet of candy and a regime lacking fluoride, I have reasons to dislike going. I also have more crowns that the British royal family.

 My youngest isn’t particularly fond of the dentist either – but she leaves with a smile and remains cavity free. However, my eldest – with her sensory issues, it is another matter. Just cleaning her teeth can be extremely challenging and has become more difficult as she has become both older and bigger.

Now we need to get an x-ray. This took three of us. And a lot of patience. And a lot of creativity. And a long time.

Simple things for others can be incredibly stressful for us. Finding a good dentist, who can fit you in when its quiet (there can be noise), and take the time to get things done without causing (much) angst is rare. Finding a dentist with non-invasive imaging kit is even rarer. It shouldn’t be.

At NNF we look for technologies that can have impact for our community. The need is pressing for sensory acceptable dental technologies. What have you learned and experienced?

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