Supply chain shortages and temper tantrums

There are so many things that are now a part of our everyday conversations that were just unimaginable two years ago – and the “supply chain” is one of them. I bet most adults don’t even really understand what supply chain disruption really is – now imagine trying to explain it to an autistic child?

How do you explain to her that her favourite candy and juice box drinks can’t be found… due to supply chain disruption? Some might say, “well, that’s a first world problem,” but for our family it’s a problem with devastating consequences: we go from store to store to store in search of these very specific products, which only to adds to her increasing disappointment and frustration as we continue to come up empty handed. 

We can’t find the right boxes of apple juice – and fruit punch just won’t do. Nor can we find Smarties; likewise, M&Ms won’t do either. This frustration, which I understand and empathize with, is only going to result in a seismic tantrum. And the tantrum is going to be difficult to manage, not least because we are both masked and in a store; the sensory impairments don’t help either. And not surprisingly, explaining that suppliers are experiencing labor, logistics and packaging challenges due to COVID-19 isn’t going to cut it. 

It is the real world, everyday situations that led NNF to invest in MindNest. The company provides parent training tools to improve communication and reduce frustration. The technology is based on years of study from Yale – it’s akin to having the Yale professionals available on your phone – giving brtrusted and proven advice on how to handle and defuse situations like the one we are going through. Because of NNF’s investment and counsel, MindNest is much closer to getting this product into the hands of parents who need it. 

As a reminder, we are continuing our support of Unicef and their work to help end the suffering of children in Ukraine. Our matching gifts offer is continuing, so join us with a tax-deductible donation today and double the impact of your gift!

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