Happy Father’s Day – to ALL the Dads!

On this Father’s Day, I would like to acknowledge the dads who fight for their children every day and never stop trying to make their lives the best they can be. 

It isn’t easy juggling work with the needs of special needs children – especially in a world were resources are scant and hard to get. And in this post-pandemic world with soaring costs. And carving out quality time for your special one, your other kids and your loved one; it can feel overwhelming and daunting. 

But if you don’t fight, who will? Who will love your child like you do? I have met some amazing dads over the years. Some have started charities to raise awareness and acceptance, others provide low cost therapy. Others are less in the proverbial spotlight but are working away every day to ensure that their families not only have the resources to pay for all the services and everyday necessities to keep their kids healthy and safe. They do so without judgment while expressing an enormous capacity for love, generosity and selflessness and for supporting other dads like me*.

These dads are helping other dads; as we all need support from time to time. These dads make the world a better and richer place and help us find the joy in the unexpected places that our kids have shone a light on. Happy Father’s Day!

*To those friends who I’ve referenced in this blog without naming you directly to ensure your privacy in this public world – you know who you are, and you have my thanks and my gratitude.

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