Autism Acceptance Month

As a parent of a child with special needs, life can be very much a battle; a battle for services, support, respite, acceptance and understanding. We often do this on our own, within our own family unit but broader family and community support is both invaluable and essential.

Autism Acceptance Month is April. We have our own month to remind everyone we are still here and -importantly – we get an opportunity to help people understand who we are and how we can be accepted and valued. Recent Hollywood movies have featured a number of differently abled actors who become role models.

KultureCity, one our partners, work tirelessly year ‘round to drive acceptance and inclusion. I took my daughter to our local zoo and was heartened to see their logo – you relax somewhat knowing if there is a meltdown there will be less judging and a sensory safe place to go to.

 We at NNF never stop hunting for innovation that could make a difference to our community and are especially proud of our first portfolio company, MindNest Health, which develops digital therapeutics to help parents better manage behavioral challenges that accompany our children for long periods of time
in their lives.

April is our month, the month for Autism. We celebrate and support our friends all year long. We do what we can, recognising, that there are many groups with needs that require their time to raise their voices and be heard. April is an important month as it allows us to have our turn and raise our voices. Please hear us and consider helping us on our mission.

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