Making Spirits Bright

It’s that time of year, and it can vacillate between being magical or frantic. For families with an autistic child, there are more sensory challenges and more stress, especially as we prepare for the inevitable family get-togethers AND the added complexity of Omicron hovering over us.  For my autistic daughter this can be a bewildering time. But there are a couple of wonderful organizations in my area that help bring joy to my family, and I want to give them a shout out. FriendshipCircle CT provides much needed support and delight to kids with special needs. They also do a…

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A Special Needs Dad Gives Thanks

A special needs parent fell in a hole. Doctor: “Can you keep a diary of your experience in the hole?” Local authority: “Sorry, we don’t have enough money for a ladder.” Family member: “What hole?” Another special needs parent: “I’m here. I’m on my way down. I know how to get out and I won’t let you do it alone.” At this time of year, we give thanks and count our blessings. Last weekend we had my daughter’s special needs friends and their parents over for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Our kids don’t get too many invites so it was a…

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 “Tooth hurts”. These words send a shiver down my spine. I don’t like going to the dentist – being Scottish and brought up on a diet of candy and a regime lacking fluoride, I have reasons to dislike going. I also have more crowns that the British royal family.  My youngest isn’t particularly fond of the dentist either – but she leaves with a smile and remains cavity free. However, my eldest – with her sensory issues, it is another matter. Just cleaning her teeth can be extremely challenging and has become more difficult as she has become both older…

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Pay It Forward!

My daughter bites her hands when she is anxious, frustrated or excited. I mean she really bites, and bites hard. This behaviour is distressing, and left unchecked and can escalate to other forms of self-injurious behaviour, which can impact her safety. We have worked with school and therapists to try and reduce the instances of hand biting and have been largely unsuccessful. At NNF we work with companies that have great ideas but can’t attract the capital needed to make a difference in our world of autism.   An entrepreneur we met with wants to develop affordable sensory toys based…

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A grateful dad says thank you to healthcare workers!

The pandemic is still raging. We are in the midst of the impact of the Delta variant….. and Lamba lurks in South America. Along with increased knowledge of the Greek alphabet, it means that we may have to accommodate continued change as we prepare for a new school year. During the early summer, my teenage daughter and her friends became eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine and our town set up a vaccine station in our local park. On the first day, two hundred 12-17 year olds turned up and formed a rudimentary queue. My daughter’s sensory issues mean that queues…

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Back to school…..again: a guest blog from our friends at MindNest

It’s back to school time again, and for the second year in a row, the world is far from normal. This can be a challenging transition for any child in any year, but especially more so for those with an autistic child in the family. With that in mind, we reached out to the team from MindNest Health and asked them for some top tips to guide us as we ready our children to return to the classroom. Those of you who follow NNF may remember that MindNest Health is a digital health platform that came out of the Yale…

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Hi, I’m Brian, I am a scientist, investor and proud father of a child with autism.

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