Autism Awareness Month

As a parent of a child with special needs, life can be very much a battle; a battle for services, support, respite, acceptance and understanding. We often do this on our own, within our own family unit but broader family and community support is both invaluable and essential. Autism awareness month is April. We have our own month to remind everyone we are still here and -importantly – we get an opportunity to help people understand who we are and how we can be accepted and valued. Autism Speaks has been very successful in engaging with the community for #LightItUpBlue…

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Why I Do What I Do

I am a scientist, investor and proud father of a child with autism I am working from home, or rather trying to. My daughter is back from school; today is a half day. She is sitting next to me, trying to get my attention. “I am grumpy and tired” she tells me. She pokes me until I respond then gives me an enormous smile. The phone rings and I answer it – a work colleague to go over data on a new cancer drug. Within 5 minutes my daughter is agitated and shouting. She doesn’t like daddy talking on the…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Brian, I am a scientist, investor and proud father of a child with autism.

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